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New Head Coach - Eric Theroux

The Storm are pleased to announce Eric Theroux as our new head coach for the 2017 season. This will be Eric’s second full year with the Storm, having served as offensive coordinator in 2016. Eric enters the position with a wealth of experience, including six years with the Edmonton Huskies, where he gained experience on both sides of the ball as running backs coach, linebackers coach, special teams assistant and special teams coordinator. He currently serves as the special teams coordinator and running backs coach with the Jasper Place Rebels High School program. On the women’s side of the game, Eric capped off a busy 2016 summer season as the head coach of Team Alberta at the 2016 National tournament and returned with a bronze medal. In addition to his on-field experience, Eric brings with him an extensive recruiting background, a skill that is sure to assist the Storm as we strive to continue to grow our program and its presence in the Edmonton sporting landscape. Here is what he had to say:

"I want to first thank the previous Head Coach Kay Sims for her contributions to this team and the organization. She was instrumental in its creation, and I want to make sure she has the opportunity to be here when we win a WWCFL Championship. She will be involved with our team in a coaching capacity, and I am fully prepared to make sure that she, along with all our coaches, have the opportunity to better themselves, by providing them with whatever resources are necessary. It is important to me and our organization, that not only will our players train to get better, but our coaches as well.

You can expect our team of coaches to work hard this season, and even harder in the off season, to ensure we gather the puzzle pieces we need in order to take this team to the next level. We will recruit hard in Northern Alberta with one goal in mind: to ensure that women know they have the opportunity to play a sport they love, and to gain valuable experience doing it. We also want new recruits to know about the opportunities available with the Storm, in terms of career growth, and football opportunities at the Provincial level (Team Alberta) as well as the National level (Team Canada). As a staff, we need to operate as a team, and we fully expect that to reflect within our players. A championship caliber team starts from the top down, and we will treat it as such, by consistently grading our performances as coaches to ensure our players are prepared both on and off the field."

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